The Versatility of a Leather Skirt.

I am HUGE leather person! In fact, I would wear leather jackets year-round if I could. But a skirt is different. I found this 15-year-old skirt of mine after ages and decide to try and style it in different ways.  Leather skirts are sexy, stylish, and are actually quite versatile. Today, leather skirts can be worked into virtually any wardrobe. They can be made to be sophisticated, sexy, edgy.I also wanted to incorporate leather into professional setting. With some clever styling and my easy to follow tips you will be good to go.

Look 1

Casual day out with a simple T-shirt

Look 2

With a Chambray shirt. I loved pairing this shirt with the skirt. Makes for a stylish brunch look

Look 3

With a crop top. Another simple casual look

Look 4

A stylish night out. This top that I picked up at exchange room is the perfect accompaniment to this skirt

Look 5

Work-wear. With the right top and accessories, you can even wear a leather skirt to work.

PS: Sorry about the awful poses. I’m terrible at posing for pictures.

Thank you Akanksha for taking these pictures!!

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